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Team Bonding – Outdoor & Indoor

Team Bonding – Outdoor & Indoor

Training on team effectiveness could not be more interesting. 360 Learning Solutions Limited brings the most practical, memorable and fun modules on teamwork. Whether it is a 3-days or 1 day outing, we have the right event for you!

With lots of outdoor team bonding activities, your entire team will experience world-class team effectiveness trainings. But more than the activities itself, your team will pick up knowledge every inch of the way on:

  • Becoming a 5-Star team player.
  • Tips on effective teamwork.
  • The dysfunctions of a team.
  • Care, creativity, credibility, common sense, change-ability, communication as a team leader.
  • Adding value as a team player.
  • Taking responsibility for the team.
  • The dynamics of Teamwork
  • Creative criticism in teams
  • The BIG PICTURE and lots more.

This method of training employs a systematic sandwich of fun, leisure- activities, brief theory and Q&A. Some of our preferred activities are

GeoTeaming: This is like Gulder Ultimate Search® for the corporate world. We also offer the GPS variation.
Culinary TeamBonding: The newest fad in TeamBonding is now in Nigeria. Wonder what TeamBonding and Cooking have in common? Try us out.

Hearts & Arts: See the creative side of every team member using art. Team effectiveness lessons are taught in an art-full manner.

Belbin’s Team Inventory Survey: Belbin helps every team member locate their place of competence in the team while alerting the Leader of possible ways to combine members for maximum performance.

Blind Towers: if communication, care, team strategy, creativity, leadership are considered important to your team; then, this is the event for you.

Rhythm & Soul:Let’s awe you by showing you how Salsa defines teamwork.

…and lots more!