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HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy
Learning & Development Consultancy

The consultancy services focuses on using the learning capabilities of the organisation…to take it from its present state to where its vision says it should be. 360LS has adopted a comprehensive strategy tool that covers key aspects of the HR of any organisation i.e. People, Process and Structure.

Our model comprises 4 phases namely:

ANALYSE: We understudy the peculiarity of your organisation to understand the real challenges, requirements and existing standards and processes.

IDENTIFY: We are able to differentiate between the perceived need and the actual need of the organisation. Hence, proffer solutions.

MODERNIZE: Here, we re-engineer to meet global best practice.

MEASURE: Together, we will put the structure in place to manage and appraise the change.

This model has been criticized, appraised and approved by our professional advisors. Using the 4×3 model in the consulting category, we offer the following:

  • Staff Audit
  • Job Description review
  • Training Need Analysis
  • Performance Management.
  • Training Strategy formulation, implementation, evaluation