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In the modern workplace, an employee spends an average of 7 hours at the workstation. In the long term, repetitive motion injuries and fatigue will set in and override the body system. Ergonomics awareness has a substantial impact on the industry, organization, management, employees and overall well-being of the system, hence, a healthy employee translates to a highly productive business.

34% of all lost-workday injuries and illnesses are work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). In 2011, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that forced workers to miss at least one day on the job, accounted for one-third of all workplace injuries that required time off from work. That’s up from 29% in 2010.1

Moreover, the Employees’ Compensation Act 2011 makes comprehensive provisions for payment of compensations to employees who suffer from occupational diseases or sustain injuries arising from accident at workplace or in the course of employment.

360LS can help you eliminate these avoidable costs!. We can partner with your organization to

    • Train your staff on practical approaches to solve ergonomic problems.
    • Create an ergonomics friendly office environment with equipments and personnel for relaxation therapy during office hours.
    • Installation of an entire ergonomics system with system wide integrated IT tools.

In the course of the engagement, we will deliver the following:

    • Identification techniques of ergonomic problems
    • Self assessment techniques and procedures
    • Appropriate control measures to be taken to reduce or totally eradicate workplace related injuries