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About Us

At 360 Learning Solutions Limited, we partner with our clients to enhance their competitive advantage through people performance improvement and team effectiveness trainings. We continuously strive to improve, increase and modularize our portfolio to deliver relevant, focused, and tailored practical training solutions that meet individual and organizational needs.

Strong links with the service users and our partners, as well as frequent consultation with training managers in major service industries, resources holders and the independents, mean we remain abreast of solutions relevant to our clients and society.Our pool of experts readily provides first-class and high-impact Learning & Development solutions peculiar to each client.

Our clientele traverses small-medium enterprises, not-for-profits, Non-governmental organizations, multinationals and the public sector in diverse industries. You always win with us!

Our Vision

To establish 360 Learning Solutions as the pre‐eminent Learning & Development specialists in the Human Resource Service industry.

Our Values
    • Professionalism
    • Respect
    • Integrity
    • Continuous Development
    • Excellence in line with Global Standards
    • Social Responsibility